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Project Portfolio

The following are several short summaries of past projects.  Don't hesitate to contact us ( for more details.

  • Brushless DC Motor Control: Developed and implemented brushless motor control algorithms, including an estimation algorithm which allows space vector control without a position encoder.


  • Advanced Estimation and Control:
    • Derived and implemented Extended Kalman Filter for navigation use in autonomous lawnmower. Sensor measurements from wheel speeds, yaw rate sensor, and laser turret system are integrated into position and heading estimates, with confidence intervals. Algorithm detects conditions insufficient for navigation and responds accordingly.
    • Developed Kalman estimator and control algorithms for stabilized platform, which remains level regardless of current mower attitude.
    • Developed control algorithm for nonlinear mowing deck height actuator.


  • Automotive Networking: Specified custom CAN-based protocol (moNet) for onboard vehicle communications.


  • All-Wheel Drive Algorithm Development: Responsible for developing and implementing algorithms for vehicles employing various All-Wheel Drive technologies. Algorithms enhance vehicle traction and stability.


  • Prototype AWD System: Technical lead in design and development of On-Demand All-Wheel-Drive algorithms. Used dSPACE and MATLAB tools in conjunction with production-design hardware.


  • Inertial Measurement System: Researched use of gyros and accelerometers in a three-axis inertial measurement system. Implemented system using Simulink, Real-Time Workshop, and dSPACE hardware/software. Final design was based on Kalman estimation with additional blocks to compensate for differing sensor reference frames. Derived optimal use of gyro sensors for fault tolerant Inertial Measurement Unit. Determined number and placement of gyros required to detect and localize gyro sensor failures.


  • Heavy Truck Sensor Module: Technical lead in design and implementation of embedded real-time control system based on Motorola 68HC12 for Heavy Truck sensing application. Involved precise real-time control of a heating element in a gas stream.


  • Brushless DC Motor Control: Worked with a team to develop a Brushless DC motor controller. Evaluated new position feedback technology. Implemented online algorithm to compensate for sensor scale and offset errors.


  • AUVS Ground Robotics Competitions: From 1994 through 1998,participated in the annual AUVS Ground Robotics Competition. The competition challenges students to construct a vehicle capable of autonomously navigating an outdoor track, including detection and avoidance of a number of obstacles and pitfalls on the track. I led teams to achieve 2nd place in 1994, 3rd place in 1996, 3rd place in 1997, and 1st place on a bonus obstacle track in 1998.


  • Collision Avoidance System: Participated in a joint project between Oakland University and the U.S. Army Tank and Armament Command (TACOM) to design and implement a highway Collision Avoidance System (CAS). The CAS employs a number of sensors including laser radar, millimeter-wave radar, and sonar to extract traffic information from the environment. The system tracks nearby vehicles, warns the driver of dangerous situations, and takes evasive action if necessary.


  • Robotic Convoy: Participated in the creation of a Robotic Convoy system. The Robotic Convoy employs one human-driven truck as the Leader and one or more trucks as Followers. Each Follower tracks the vehicle immediately ahead, maintaining a safe speed and separation distance. This system was successfully demonstrated at TACOM in October 1995.

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